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Traeger Bronson 20 Grill

Traeger Bronson 20 Grill

Posted by ASH Supply on Jul 9th 2016

ASH Supply is excited to carry the new Traeger Bronson 20 Grill that is perfect for the condo or town home Patio! 

The fully remodeled Bronson grill is a wood-fired assault grill that’s built to champion cooking outdoors everywhere adventure lies. From your urban patio to your favorite lake-side fishing hole, the new body style provides added stability with a sawhorse chassis and the solid all terrain wheels make transporting it over rocks, pavers, and through dirt easy. The LED lit Digital Elite Controller display shows the internal grill temperature and has precision temperature settings.



- 38 in” | Compact in size | 2” taller than the Junior.

2. HOPPER - Smoke longer with a 10 lb. pellet hopper.

3. SAWHORSE CHASSIS - Wide-angled stance & thicker legs.

4. DIGITAL ELITE CONTROLLER - LED display shows exact temperature.

5. ALL-TERRAIN WHEELS - Better mobility & durability.

6. GRILLING SPACE - 300 sq in. grilling area.

View This Video to See how the Bronson 20 Works....

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The Bronson 20 has additional accessories that will add more real estate to your prep area and protect your grill from all the elements.

  • Folding Front Shelf
  • Full Length Cover

Add-on Accessories:

There's plenty of accessories available to make your Bronson all yours. Easily customize your cook with any of these available accessories.

  • Chrome Bottle Opener
  • 3-Piece Magnetic Hooks
  • Magnetic Pellet Hopper Label Set
  • Chicken Leg Hanger

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